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Rafael dos Anjos shares a wicked elbow – From

Monday, 4 November 2013 09:23

Rafael dos Anjos shares a wicked elbow – From

Ham, Mizuki, Tomimatsu Victorious

Monday, 4 November 2013 09:19

Ham, Mizuki, Tomimatsu Victorious

Deeo Jewels’ second event is now in the history books. In the tournament, Emi Tomimatsu and Mizuki Inoue picked up victories to move onto the final round, which will likely be held in February. Also on the card, Jewels’ final Atomweight Champion Seo Hee Ham successfully defended her title.

Pictures Courtesy of Lady Go!

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Emi Fujino vs Mizuki Inoue

Monday, 28 October 2013 10:49

Emi Fujino vs Mizuki Inoue

Emi Fujino and Mizuki Inoue

On Monday, November 4th, Deep Jewels will be holding their second event. On that card, as part of the opening round of the Strawweight Tournament,Emi Fujino will be facing off against #8 ranked Mizuki Inoue. Both of the fighters are coming off of victories and with a title shot on the line, both will be plenty motivated.

Mizuki Inoue has quickly become one of Japan’s top fighters. With two Shoot Boxing Championships, a Jewels Tournament Victory and her Invicta debut all behind her, the young fighter wants more. Having stated that she wants MMA, Shoot Boxing and Kickboxing Championships she is taking this tournament very seriously. Going into the fight, Mizuki will enjoy a striking advantage. Fujino, as her last fight showed, is susceptible to strikes and is prone to cuts and bleeding from the nose. This may play a factor, as the only time Emi Fujino has been finished is due to a doctor’s stoppage in a Shoot Boxing match. However, it is worth noting that Mizuki has been working on her grappling a lot. All of her MMA finishes have been by submission and she has been entering grappling tournaments.

Emi Fujino is a very unique fighter, especially on the Japanese scene. She will be the strongest (physically) opponent that Mizuki has ever faced and will also be one of the most experienced. If Fujino is able to close the distance and grapple with Mizuki, this could become a very interesting match. The one match where Mizuki spent time on her back was in her fight with Hamasaki, which she lost. Fujino is a very powerful fighter who possess good enough cardio to push the pace for a full fight. She tends to swarm her opponents with strikes, take it to the mat, then smother them. If she can do this, the fight is hers.

The X-Factor going into this fight is that Fujino and Inoue have faced each other before. Mizuki defeated Fujino 3 years ago in a Kickboxing match. Even though both fighters have evolved since this fight, as it was 3 years ago, I feel that both fighters have a feel for the other’s striking. This could play a factor.

Bullet Points

Both fighters have never been finished in MMA.

Both fighters were defeated by Hamasaki.

Both fighters defeated Sung in RD2 by RNC.

Strength/Size Advantage: Fujino.

Speed Advantage: Mizuki.



Satoshi Ishii now looks to defeating legend Mirko CroCop

Saturday, 26 October 2013 04:05

Satoshi Ishii now looks to defeating legend Mirko CroCop

Satoshi Ishii has fought a handful of legends quite early on in his career.  His first fight, after all, matched him with Japanese gold-medalist Hidehiko Yoshida, who had fought nearly every legendary fighter Pride had under contract during his time with the promotion. Losing, rightfully so, Ishii retooled his training and picked up a few give me wins before being matched against the best fighter of all time in Fedor Emelianenko.

Emelianenko destroyed Ishii, showing the difference between where Ishii was and where Fedor was, even in the twilight of his career.

Ishii picked up a win last weekend over Jeff Monson, which was one of the better wins of Ishii’s tenure.  Ishii controlled a decorated grappler with his Olympic caliber judo, doing enough to lock in a majority decision.

Ishii showed flashes of striking, something he has learned in a short time.  Against CroCop, Ishii would be wise to look past the striking, and defend whatever is thrown at him, keeping CroCop close.  A win over CroCop could be just enough to get the Olympic gold winner a UFC contract as the promotion has been signing Japanese fighters rather abundantly lately.

Ishii and CroCop meet at Inoki Bom Ba Ye 2013, a bout that looks to be co-promoted by the Legend promotion out of Russia, pending CroCop is not banged up too bad with Aleks Emelianenko

Shunichi Shimizu signed by UFC

Saturday, 26 October 2013 03:28

Shunichi Shimizu signed by UFC

It what can been seen as turning Yushin Okami’s single contract into the signing of several Japanese fighters, Zuffa signed Japanese fighter Shunichi Shimizu to a deal, as reported by MMA in Asia.

Shimizu has fought with Pancrase as well as ZST and other smaller promotions.  A winner of five in a row, Shimizu has spent the majority of his career with ZST, winning a fight with SRC during that span.  Shimizu is 28-8 and has fought as a bantamweight, however, the UFC has yet to announce the weight class of which he will compete.

The UFC signed Tatsuya Kawajiri and Katsunori Kikuno in the past week, adding to their roster what can be seen as an injection of Asian fighters for 2014′s Asian schedule.

Rio Kamikaze Retires

Thursday, 24 October 2013 11:40

Rio Kamikaze Retires

Rio Kamikaze (Courtesy of Lady Go!)

In unfortunate news, Japanese Kickboxer and Shoot Boxer Rio Chiyomori, better known as Rio Kamikaze, has been forced to retire. On her gym’s website it was announced that a doctor diagnosed her as having Myeloma, a type of blood cancer. It was also stated by the doctor that she has a tumor in her femur and that she will never be able to compete again. This is truly tragic for the young college student.

She was not a famous fighter, but Rio was a promising up and comer. Having been thrown to the wolves early in her career, Rio struggled to come up with victories but was always competitive in her fights. I had the pleasure of watching her fight 4 times and all three bouts were very entertaining. In her most recent fight with Ai Takahashi, at the Girl’s S-Cup Semi-Finals, Rio stunned Ai several times with her big left. Many thought that Rio deserved to get the decision and move to the finals, but it wasn’t to be. For as young as she was, Rio had already fought for Jewels, Legacy and was becoming a regular on Shoot Boxing shows. Her retirement is a loss.

We at asianmma would like to thank Rio for what she has given us and would also like to wish her a speedy recovery

Here is a video of her fight with Miku Hayashi. The first event I ever went to and my favorite fight of the night.

“V.V” Mei takes on Patricia Vidonic

Thursday, 24 October 2013 12:47

“V.V” Mei takes on Patricia Vidonic

One of Japan’s top fighters and #9 Strawweight in the world, “V.V” Mei Yamaguchi (11-5-1) will be taking on Patricia Vidonic (8-6) at PXC 40. Known for her aggressive strikes and mesmerizing slams, the often undersized Yamaguchi will be going into this fight with something to prove. She has made it known that she would like fight outside of Japan against the best fighters the world has to offer and a win against Vidonic will certainly help her reach this goal. Yamaguchi has played around with the idea of cutting down to 105, but size shouldn’t be a factor in her fight with Vidonic, as they are similar in size. Vidonice, for her part is trying to put a win streak together after a string of defeats to top talent. Many fans believe that she beat Aguilar in what turned out to be a controversial Split-Decision. So it is fair to say that both of these fighters are hungry and that they both need the win.

The event takes place in Guam and is set to air live on their Facebook as well as on their Homepage. The event will start 7:30 CHst which transfers over to 5:30 am ET on Friday morning.

Singapore Oct. 18th!!

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