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Aoki victory after dirty fight from Cody Stephens
Last Updated on Saturday, 19 October 2013 10:52
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Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Shinya Aoki emerged victorious from his first fight at featherweight Friday evening before a packed Singapore Indoor Stadium audience.

Aoki suffered a violent low-blow just minutes into the first round which set the stage for the fight.  Shifting from his typical aggressive nature, the blow kept the champion in pain for the entire fight.  However, Shinya continued on.

Just as he was able to continue, and somewhat proceed with the pain from the low blow, Aoki was struck in the back of the spine by Stephens, which penalized the American and again set Aoki back.  Aoki continued to dominate the clinch and ground game, proving that the loss of strength due to the drop to 145-lbs was not a factor.

As with all new endeavors, Aoki’s foray into the 145-lb mix will likely prove to be a successful one.  Aoki was extremely undersized at 155, with the likes of fighters such as Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler far outweighing him.  Fighting on sheer skill and ability, Aoki – like Frankie Edgar – was able to make an extremely successful career at lightweight and even crept up to welterweight a time or two.

The win will likely set the stage for a higher profile fight that could see Aoki either defend his lightweight title or possibly compete for the featherweight title..  A fight with newly crowned champion Bibiano Fernandes is likely still down the road at some point.

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Shinya Aoki Video Interview via Evolve MMA
Last Updated on Thursday, 10 October 2013 10:48
Written by admin
Thursday, October 10th, 2013

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OneFC establishes their own name as memories of former Asian great PrideFC become more distant
Last Updated on Monday, 7 October 2013 05:57
Written by admin
Monday, October 7th, 2013

OneFC has set themselves apart from those claiming they were going to be the next Pride.  While many have attempted such a feat, none have come even remotely close.

Toyo Tires, XBox360, just two of the names that were ever present on the PrideFC canvas, names fans become familiar with watching event after event.  Fans would ask where they could obtain walkout clothing with branding of some of the worlds biggest brands.  Pride’s rise to glory was nothing like their fall.

Pride was marred by murder, illicit pedaling of money, effectively an entire racket.  Run by the very top of one of Japan’s largest yakuza crime syndicates, their fall from grace was a slap in the face to not only the fans of Japan, but fans around the world.

As OneFC has emerged as the number one player in Asia, they too are becoming strongly rooted into the culture that is Asian business.  With branding from names such as Kawasaki, Sony, TuneTalk, and Yahoo!, we are seeing.

OneFC is building stars amongst Asia with numerous fighters appearing on ESPN, in Men’s Health Magazine, FHM, and some of Asia’s largest media publications.  Victor Cui, founder and CEO who is a sports media veteran with 17+ years experience with ESPN Star Sports, PGA amongst other ventures, knows what the protocol is to take a company to the highest level, as his track record suggests.

PrideFC was PrideFC.  OneFC is OneFC.  OneFC has made their home at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, selling out the 20,000 seat arena without issue.  OneFC has established their name and brand as the player in Asia and has done so ethically and without malice.  Pride has not been reincarnated as Pride was a criminal enterprise with mafia members lined up in their SRRS seating – the closest seats to the ring.  OneFC, while generous to some of their very best business partners, has no problem selling these prime seats to potential attendees.

OneFC will continue to take Asia by storm as they have hastily done, capturing 90 percent of the Asian market.  OneFC will continue to pack arena seats throughout the continent, something even the UFC has struggled to do.  With OneFC’s biggest event yet, October 18th in Singapore, the future is extremely bright for the promotion, a promotion that has successfully created it’s own identity in the combat sports world, a promotion that has unified the Asian continent in just two years and become the most prolific promotion to ever hit the Asian continent.

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Shinya Aoki meets Cody Stevens at OneFC Total Domination in Featherweight bout
Last Updated on Friday, 27 September 2013 07:41
Written by admin
Friday, September 27th, 2013

Shinya Aoki has his first featherweight bout.

OneFC announced this morning that Aoki will meet fellow featherweight Cody Stevens at OneFC Total Domination, which takes place in Singapore on October 18th.

Aoki, will be making his long awaited debut at featherweight as very large fighter for the division.  Having already cut down once, Aoki will have no problem making weight.  Having been with the Japanese star, Aoki is in the best physical shape of his life.  More muscular than ever and in the best physical condition we have ever seen him, Aoki should make this fight quite exciting.

Cody Stevens makes his OneFC debut with an 11-5 record.  Having fought a share of credible featherweight talent, Stevens took newly-signed UFC fighter Wilson Reis to a unanimous decision, falling short.  Stevens is coming off an August decision victory over Dustin Neace.  A win for Stevens would launch his career into the stratosphere, thus while there will be immense pressure, there is also immense opportunity for the veteran fighter.

OneFC Total Domination takes place October 18th in Singapore and will sell out the Singapore Indoor Stadium.  The event will air throughout Asia on ESPNStar and broadcast worldwide via several media outlets.

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OneFC and Yahoo team up to provide online news and video
Last Updated on Monday, 23 September 2013 07:48
Written by admin
Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Asia’s largest mixed martial arts promotion have scored a strong partnership with Yahoo!, one of the world’s largest web portals.

Yahoo! and OneFC have entered into an agreement that will see Yahoo! provide users with both online news and video coverage for the OneFC promotion.

As the UFC has with Yahoo in the United States, OneFC have a dedicated presence on Yahoo’s web portal throughout South East Asia that will provide users with both editorial written coverage and online video coverage.  Countries included in the deal are Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

OneFC has made their strong presence felt throughout Asia, but specifically in countries like the Philippines, where mixed martial arts has already established immense popularity. Singapore has become the mixed martial arts hub of Asia as both OneFC and Zuffa’s Asia branch maintain headquarters here.

“This partnership is a game changer that will redefine online content for Yahoo and ONE FC. This partnership is the first time Yahoo has formed a partnership with a mixed martial arts organization. ONE FC has a 90% market share in Asia while Yahoo is one of the most recognized digital brands in the world and this monumental partnership will elevate mixed martial arts content to another stratosphere.”

Yahoo is one of the leading providers in MMA coverage throughout the world.  Within the United States, Yahoo has broken several news stories before any MMA outlet’s have, making them a credible source for mixed martial arts fans to obtain their daily news.

“Yahoo has always been dedicated to providing the best sports coverage and this partnership takes us to a whole new level,” said Alan Soon, Managing Editor of Yahoo! South East Asia. “Thanks to our partnership with One FC, we’ll be closer to the action. We’ll have more exclusives and the best online experience for MMA fans in the region.”

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TRIBE TOKYO FIGHT: Sato and Urushitani’s Opponents Set
Last Updated on Friday, 20 September 2013 10:31
Written by BabaluJack
Friday, September 20th, 2013



Two more bouts have been added to TRIBE TOKYO FIGHT, which will take place on October 20th at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.

Welterweight King Of Pancrase and TRIBE TOKYO MMA fighter Takenori Sato will take on Brazil’s Ismael de Jesus in a 175 pound bout. Sato has dominated Pancrase’s welterweight division for three years, he captured the belt back in February of 2011 and has defended it four times, his last defence was back in May against Shingo Suzuki in a MOTY contender. Sato has been seeking foreign competition for a while now. He had hoped for a bout with Yan Cabral, who submitted Sato’s former trainer Kazushi Sakuraba in DREAM, before Cabral signed with the UFC. His opponent de Jesus holds a 9-4-1 record and has fought for Jungle Fight, Shooto Brazil and Bitetti Combat.

Meanwhile ONE FC flyweight Yasuhiro Urushitani will take on Matheus Nicolau Pereira. Urushitani was scheduled to face Shinichi Kojima for a third time at ONE FC 10 until injury forced him out the bout. Pereira, again hailing out of Brazil, has been fighting since 2010 and has built an 7-1-1 record in those three years.

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OneFC announces amateur Asian-wide MMA system
Last Updated on Monday, 16 September 2013 01:32
Written by admin
Monday, September 16th, 2013

OneFC will launch an amateur mixed martial arts system that will span all of Asia entitled One Asia MMA Series.

Matt Hume, Vice President of Operations was pivotal in the conception of the new system, one of which he has been using in a form of his own back home.  “This will be the biggest and most professionally run MMA amateur series in the world and I’m very proud to be driving this project.  There are thousands of talented fighters in Asia and this now gives ONE FC the opportunity to work closely with them and support their development through competition.”

This will provide fighters a channel to learn the ins and outs of the sport and allow fighters to mature in the cage before taking the jump to the big stage.

“This is the largest amateur MMA series in Asia that brings together every major gym, partner, and current amateur events as part of the ONE FC Network.  This is game-changing for MMA in Asia as ONE FC continues to build on our 90% market share and by leading the amateur MMA development by holding amateur events in major cities across Asia and regularly at once a month.  This is big.  Very big and I’m excited to be building this Asia-wide amateur series because we have already received tremendous support from our sponsors, partners, and gyms on this initiative.” said Victor Cui, CEO of One Fighting Championship.  Cui and Hume have been working on the format of the System since the One Asia MMA Summit in May.  The first time the ideas were mentioned was a year prior to that in 2012, when Hume described the most efficient ways to bring professional fighters up.

Hume used an amateur system to bring up UFC champion Demetrious Johnson and requires all his fighters go through such a system before they take a pro fight.  While the UFC does not use a branded system, former number one promotion PrideFC used an amateur system that allowed fighters to compete for a chance at a Bushido match.  Hume was pivotal in the development and implementation of that system as well.

The amateur bouts will take place under many banners from within the OneFC Network and will be held throughout the Asian continent.  With an emphasis on growing the sport in Asia, the league will allow those gyms, brands, and the like a path into the sport before making their way to the ultimate proving ground.

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