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Rickson Gracie’s New Vale Tudo Org – Mestre do Combate
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Wednesday, 3 October 2012 05:51

Novermber 22, in Rio de Janeiro, It’ll happen the debut of the new org Mestre do Combate. Created by Rickson Gracie with the intention of bringing Vale Tudo back to life and go against the UFC. They already have 7 shows planned until the end of 2013. Here’s how it will work.

- Weight-ins on night of the fight.
- Pride style rounds. First one being 10 minutes and the second 5.
- No saved by the bell.
- No wins on points. At the end of each fight, the judge, Rickson himself and the audience will decide which fighter really won (present or via facebook).

The first two events will happen in November, one on Rio and another one in São Paulo.

Special thanks to Wolfman.

Rickson Gracie has long expressed his distaste for the current climate of MMA and it looks like he has finally decided to do something about it and start an old school Vale Tudo organization called Mestre do Combate, which if you can’t guess translates to Master of Combat.

Now the rules are slightly updated from the old Vale Tudo standard of absolutely no rules. There will be a time limit on matches due to the events airing on Brazilian TV Esporte Interativo.

The Judging system seems quite interesting and it will be fun to see how it plays out. Encase of a draw (meaning no finish) there will be an extra round and if there is still no finish, Rickson, the referee and the audience will serve as the three judges and render a decision. Another rule of note is that if a fighter is caught in a submission or is badly hurt by strikes, the bell will not ring until the fighter loses or escapes from danger.

It’s all very interesting and innovative but that is to be expected of a Gracie, is it not? The real question is will it be a success? All we can do is wait until November 22nd and see if Mestre do Combate and Rickson can master the modern MMA market.


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