Sunday Nov 23
Rin Nakai to rematch Danielle West
Last Updated on Thursday, 8 November 2012 04:33
Written by Charles Jewett
Thursday, 8 November 2012 04:33

Courtesy of SRC


Rin Nakai will be looking to remove the only blemish from her undefeated record in December. Nakai fought Danielle West to a competitive draw in 2011. Nakai was rocked by a punch early in the fight and used her Judo and Wrestling to survive the rest of the fight. To say that the draw affected Nakai would be understatement. After the draw, Nakai was mocked and harassed by fans horribly. It went so far over the line that not only did Nakai think about never fighting again, she even had to get the police involved. Since this unfortunate series of events, Nakai has gone 2-0 this year continuing her undefeated record. While West looked very good in her fight against Nakai, she has not been as successful in her successive bouts going 1-2. Most recently she fought for Invicta FC on short notice losing by TKO. This fight is a big deal for both fighters. If Nakai wins the victory will show that the first fight was only a fluke and put that unfortunate event behind her. If West wins, this will be by far the biggest win of her career and will break a 2 fight losing streak.


The first fight between the two




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