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Takanori Gomi shares his thoughts on past fight at UFC 144 and fight with Mac Danzig
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Friday, 9 November 2012 11:38

Takanori Gomi has had a rough go in the UFC compared to that of his PrideFC career.

Gomi, who was immediately billed as a contender with the promotion, was given Kenny Florian in his first fight, a fight that saw Gomi outclassed by the more technical Florian.  Now, sitting at 2-3, Gomi knows his match this weekend could determine the direction he takes the rest of his career.  Gomi and Danzig were both competitors in PrideFC and Gomi has stark recollections of Sakurai vs Danzig.

Gomi came out cold when he fought last at UFC 144 against Eiji Mitsuoka.  “I had an injury prior to the fight that made me a little nervous, but I believe that I had an advantage in the Octagon because it was my opponent’s first fight in the UFC,” said Gomi to, this week.  When the second round began, however, Gomi looked past his slow start and got down to business.  “I felt like I had nothing to lose, and I just wanted to show the audience everything that I have.”

Both Gomi and Danzig have flirted with the chopping block.  Either way, both have a history of putting on exciting fights, and both have those very intentions come Saturday.

“I hope both of us will be in the Octagon in the best condition,” he said. “I’m going to show an aggressive fight and make the audience loud.”

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