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Emi Fujino: The Kamikaze Angel
Last Updated on Monday, 12 November 2012 05:52
Written by Charles Jewett
Monday, 12 November 2012 05:52

via Queen of the Ring

By now most people have heard the news that Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate will be joining the UFC, becoming the first women to join their ranks. Many are quick to notice that Ronda Rousey did bring WMMA to a new level of popularity in the States, building off the work of fighters like Fujii. Watanabe, Shinashi, Miku, Purcell or Larosa. I can’t agree more. I would like to also point your attention to fighters like Emi Fujino. For some reason, when I think of JWMMA, no one epitomizes it more than Fujino.

If anything, Fujino is a fighter. Despite competing in MMA, Shoot boxing and Kickboxing, Fujino also works a full-time job and rebounded from a devastating car accident that left her unable to compete for 2 years. Fujino started out her MMA career impressively going 8-0, before losing 4 in a row. Losing 4 in a row can wreak havoc on a fighter’s confidence and motivation. Instead of quitting, Fujino revamped her training and kept fighting. After winning a fight for the first time in almost 3 years, Fujino agreed to fight a fighter that so many before her have ducked, Megumi Fujii. In a time when not being submitted by Fujii was an achievement in and of itself, Fujino kept the fight competitive tagging Fujii with rights. Even though she lost by decision, it was a solid fight. Fujino is currently on a 2 fight win streak and is looking for fights. Like many women in Japan, Fujino struggles to find fights and new opponents. That is why she also competes in Shoot Boxing and Kickboxing. Not many fighters can say they fought Rena, Ham, Takahashi Ai, Mizuki, Yabushita, V, Fujii, Windy and Nagano. So I hope that when you watch women fight in the UFC, you remember women liked Emi Fujino who helped pave the road.


Emi Fujino is set to fight Ruri on November 18th in a kickboxing for J-Girls.


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