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Takanori Gomi proves with the right training, he still has what it takes
Last Updated on Monday, 19 November 2012 10:29
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Monday, 19 November 2012 10:29

Takenori Gomi looked renewed in his match with Mac Danzig. Photo from


Takanori Gomi went into his bout with Mac Danzig with a huge question mark over his head.  The Japanese MMA superstar, who carried the PrideFC lightweight division on his shoulders hit a roadblock when he signed with Zuffa.  His reign as one of the world’s most dominant lightweights was suddenly over, with losses in Sengoku and now the UFC.  The one thing that Gomi has always been able to count on, thru the thick and the thin, was his sheer talent.  He was able to win fights without having to do much for training.  Then it ended.

At the event in China, we saw a new Gomi.  Takanori Gomi, for the first time in many fights, trained.   The Gomi of before was gassing midway thru the second round and throwing insignificant shots until either being finished or losing a decision.  That Gomi was not there against Mac Danzig.

If Takanori Gomi wants to make one last run at this, he is going to have to do what he did against Mac Danzig.  Looking the best his has looked in many years, he was able to be one step ahead of Gomi the entire fight while coming into the third round looking quite fresh and very hungry.

A trained, refined, refreshed Takanori Gomi could be a serious threat to lightweights in the UFC 155 pound division.  Training in the United States would really benefit the Japanese superstar, but let’s take it one step at a time.  As for now, Gomi can enjoy his win streak and look forward to a much more difficult opponent in the very near future.

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