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ZST.33 – 10th Anniversary Results: Kotani wins LW title tourny
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Saturday, 24 November 2012 02:11

After a decade of running shows, ZST have finally crowned a lightweight champion and it’s none other than ZST ace, Naoyuki Kotani.

Kotani, Shinichi Taira, Koji Mori and Hiroyuki Ota all qualified for the semi finals back in September. Kotani advanced to the final via UD over Shinichi Taira, while Koji Mori needed only one minute and eight seconds to put Hiroyuki Ota’s lights out with a right hook. The quick match didn’t help Mori however, as Kotani also only needed a minute and change to take Koji down and slap on a kneebar to rack up his twenty second submission victory and become the first LW ZST champ.

Unfortunately the belt wasn’t quite ready yet so Kotani got a wonderful paper title in the meantime (joke about paper champion here).

The other three title matches on the card all saw the defending champs beat their respective challengers. Ryosuke Tanuma stopped Yuichiro Yajima by TKO when they first met at the ZST 8th Anniversary and he did it again in a Flyweight title match, this time by Choke Sleeper.

Masayuki Okude evened the score with his career long rival Kenichi Ito at 2 – 2 in his Featherweight title match, locking up an armbar in the 3ed round. In another rivalry match, Welter champ Tetsuya Yamada won his rubber match with Masayuki Hamagishi via UD.

10th anniversary ZST.33

Tokyo Differ Ariake, November 23, 2012

ZST Lightweight Title Tournament Final bout – 2R/3mins:

Naoyuki Kotani defeated Koji Mori via Submission (Kneebar) – R1 1:40

ZST Flyweight Title bout – 5R/5mins:

Ryosuke Tanuma defeated Yuichiro Yajima via Submission (Choke Sleeper) – R2 3:38

ZST Featherweight Title bout – 5R/5mins:

Masayuki Okude defeated Kenichi Ito via Submission (Armbar) – R3 3:11

ZST Welterweight Title bout – 5R/5mins:

Tetsuya Yamada defeated Masayuki Hamagishi via Unanimous Decision

61.2kg bout – 3R/5mins:

Shunichi Shimizu defeated Keisuke Fujiwara via Unanimous Decision

77.1kg bout – 2R/5mins:

Jung Min Kang defeated Sen Nakadai via KO (Punch) – R1 1:23

69.0kg bout – 2R/5mins:

Atsushi Ueda drew with Seong Won Cho via Unanimous Draw

ZST Lightweight Title Tournament Semi Final bout – 2R/5mins:

Naoyuki Kotani defeated Shinichi Taira via Unanimous Decision

ZST Lightweight Title Tournament Semi Final bout – 2R/5mins:

Koji Mori defeated Hiroyuki Ota via KO (Punch) – R1 1:08

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