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Sadaharu Tanikawa’s new project: Tany’s Labo
Last Updated on Saturday, 1 December 2012 07:08
Written by IQWrestler
Saturday, 1 December 2012 07:08

Seeking to move on from the debacle of the FEG/K1/Dream mess, Sadaharu Tanikawa has created one of the most interesting projects the combat sports world has ever seen.

The project titled Tany’s Labo functions as a think tank for fans and fighters to come together and formulate new ideas and dream projects. Just for example, lets say a rematch between Sakuraba and Tamura got a lot of support from the labo, Tanikawa could then try and put it together, and the best part of it is that only available funding will be used to put the projects together, goods sales, ticket sales, ect. Much like a combat sports kickstarter!

It’s a daring and complex idea to say the least, but it gives the fight community really unprecedented control over what we want and what we don’t want.

Fighters and big names in the industry have already started to join up, with Yoshihiro Sato joining today and discussing ideas about a creating a new standing martial art. There is a small 525 yen a month fee but this money goes toward the projects and helps keep the trolls out but as you might have guessed the Labo is all in Japanese.

The first project is already set, Tanikawa will hold a “Talk Show” in Tokyo on December 23 along with some special guests exclusively for the site members.

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