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Kamimura and Takahashi Victorious!
Last Updated on Sunday, 2 December 2012 11:25
Written by Charles Jewett
Sunday, 2 December 2012 11:24

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On Sunday’s RISE/M-1MC show, Japanese kick boxing stars Erika Kamimura and Ai Takahashi both picked up victories.


Erika Kamimura vs Lomar Lookboonmee

KO in the 3rd (via left straight)

A change in opponent seemed to have little effect on Erika, as she came out strong in this fight. Looking to put her disappointing  Girl’s S-cup performance behind her, Erika tagged her younger opponent repeatedly with lefts through three rounds before KO’ing her in the third. Her opponent, Lomar, found some success in the second using the clinch but was ultimately unable to really damage Erika. With this victory, Erika won the WPMF championship and puts her loss behind her.

Erika’s comments after the fight:

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good victory. In this fight, I concentrated on speed instead of excessive power. I had a cold for about three weeks, it was very painful and I could barely breathe. When I was in the Muay Thai clinch, I could have lost but I believed in myself. I thought I was working her body pretty well but she didn’t reveal anything on her face. However, she dropped, which is good. My old title. This has really been a heart-breaking year for me, one way or another it’s been a disastrous year so it’s good I won. Now that I am holding the belt, I want to put on fights that make people say that this belt’s champion is amazing. I want to put together another title fight and keep winning, and of course I want to fight for the RISE championship.”


Ai Takahashi vs Yokose Itsuka

KO in the 3rd (via right straight)

Takahashi was able to pepper his less experienced opponent on her way to a much needed victory. Takahashi has had trouble re-finding her groove after her return from an eye injury. Hopefully this win will help her regain her confidence and she can return to her winning ways. Itsuka is still a young fighter and has found some success in her kick boxing after her disappointing MMA career. Hopefully she learns from this fight against Takahashi and comes back stronger. After the fight, Takahashi talked about how disappointed and depressed she has been this year. She talked about how she was almost continually depressed and how much she needed this victory. She felt like this victory was her debut fight all over again.


via Queen of the Ring




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