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Anderson Silva wants a 10 fight contract
Last Updated on Monday, 10 December 2012 02:20
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Monday, 10 December 2012 02:20

Many in Silva’s circle have hinted at the fact that Silva could have a couple fights left before hanging them up and enjoying his hard earned fortune.  Anderson Silva has recently signed advertisement deals with some of the biggest brands in Brazil, and even on a broader scale the world.  Brands such as Nike, for example, have been the caliber of which Silva has been pulling in.

Gone are the days of talking in thousands.  Anderson Silva is bringing in dollars that use the word millions.  This is something that didn’t happen until the more recent part of his career, likely since he had his celebrity breakout in around 2010.  Since then, Silva has become a superstar in Brazil, being mentioned with some of the most popular athletes in the country, according to his management.

So why stop now?  Silva has been in few brawls.  His speed, timing, chin and the like are all still there.

According to UFC president Dana White, Silva isn’t about to call it a day.  Speaking on a MetroPCS chat with fans, White stated Silva rejected a 8 fight contract, instead asking for a monster 10 fight deal.

Anderson appears to enjoy making money.  Stopping fighting, sadly, would likely impair his ability to earn as an athlete and take him to a different status of earner that would garner far less.  Good call, Anderson.

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