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JEWELS 22nd Ring: Hamasaki Retains Championship
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Written by Charles Jewett
Saturday, 15 December 2012 03:15


At Jewels 22nd Ring, Ayaka Hamasaki defeated Emi Fujino by Unanimous Decision to retain her championship and maintain her undefeated record. It was not an easily won victory, as Fujino proved to be one of if not her toughest opponent to date. In the back and forth fight, both fighters were able to showcase their skills. Throughout the fight, Hamasaki showed why she is one of the best grapplers in the world. She took down Fujino several times in every round and even got some hip tosses. From their she showed her improved ground and pound, as she landed hard shots to Fujiino. Fujino peppered Hamasaki’s face with hard shots and fast combinations, staggering Hamasaki once or twice through out the fight. Fujino also showed why she is considered one of the toughest fighters in her division by ¬†fighting her way back to her feet after the takedowns time and time again. In the end, this fight of the night winner, turned out to be a very good fight for the fans.


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In the Co-Main Event, top Japanese prospect, Mizuki Inoue won her second fight in a row since losing to champion Ayaka Hamasaki. Known for he striking abilities, as evidenced by her success in Kick Boxing and Shoot Boxing, Mizuki continued her MMA streak of winning all of her fights by armbar. She faced off against South Korean Hyo Kyung Song. Song came out aggressive in the first and second round, which cost her, as the more technical Mizuki was able to parry/block the shots and get the takedowns. Mizuki nearly ended the fight in the first but Song was saved by the bell. Mizuki did not make the same mistake in the second, submitting Song by armbar at 2:14. Mizuki Inoue improves to 4-1 in MMA and Song falls to 0-2.

In one of two retirement fights planned for the night, Rina Tomita fell victim to Mika Nagano’s armbar. This is the third time that Tomita has lost to Nagano. The other retirement fight was an exhibition between Naoko Omuro and Hisae Watanabe. Omuro defeated Watanabe by armbar.




Jade Marie Anderson defeats Megumi Yabushita by Unanimous Decision

Yasuko Tamada defeats Satomi Takano by Unanimous Decision

Kikuyo Ishikawa defeats Tomo Maesawa by Unanimous Decision

Keiko Tomita defeats Yasuko Mogi by TKO in RD 2

Celine Haga defeats Miyoko Kusaka by Unanimous Decision

Yurika Tanaka defeats Rie Fukui by Submission RD 2 (Arm-Triangle Choke)

Kick Boxing

Mayumi Aoki defeats Satoko Ozawa by Unanimous Decision

Rena Matsuda defeats Harumi by TKO in RD 1

Shoot Boxing

Emi Tomimatsu defeats Nako Otsuka by Split Decision after an Extension Round


Rikako Yuasa defeats Yuko Oya by Submission (Armbar) in RD 1*

Shizuka Yuasa defeates Shizuko Ashikaga by Decision after 1 RD*

Yuki Uchiyama defeates Takumi Umehara by Decision after 1 RD*

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Shizuko Ashikaga defeats Yuko Uchiyama by Decision after 1 RD*

Shizuka Yuasa defeats Shizuko Ashikaga by Submission (Keylock) in RD 1*


* Amateur Fights








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