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Enson Inoue is headed back north
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Enson Inoue made the most
respectable gesture to his homeland last year, when an earthquake ravaged Japan. Inoue not only risked his life, but donated nearly everything to his name to the folks of the Tohoku region of Japan.

Call this the return of Yamato Damashii (大和魂). Enson recently posted on the UG his intentions to return back north and do more of the same.

A man that knows the meaning of respect, Inoue exhibits all the characteristics of a man who puts others first and himself second. Commendable, we thank Enson for all he does.

Okay. Planning a crazy mission! In Japan, it’s a huge tradition for Japanese Families to buy cakes for Christmas! I know it’s last minute and a very difficult feat but I’m going to do it! I plan to purchase assorted cakes, toys for the kids, water, and 300 kilograms of top grade rice. I’m going to spend my own personal cash which may limit the amount of families I can touch.

Any of you that want to be a part of this and help me touch more lives you can!!! I plan to go up North on Christmas Eve and pass everything out on Christmas morning.

So anyone who wants to be a part and make a donation to this Christmas mission can go on to my site and click on the item that is equivalent to the amount you would like to donate. It starts at $20 so if you want to donate $20 click on the autograph photo and in the comment section write, “Donation. Do not send.” If you want to donate more you can click on a higher priced item.
To avoid the automatic shipping charge you can just click on the amount of pictures equivalent to the amount you want to donate! So if you want to donate $40 purchase 2 pictures.

If you can’t make a donation can you please say a prayer on Christmas morning to the people of the North. I do believe in the power of prayer.

I will document this whole mission on video and all that donates will be able to see for themselves all the peoples lives they have touched.

Thank you in advance to all your support. Everyone share this if you can.

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