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Dream.18 Results
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Dream is back from the dead and it’s ready to party. GSI’s first Dream show delivered perhaps the greatest MMA event of 2012, with a stacked card that delivered consistently great fights all night…new era of JMMA prosperity may be upon as.

The event started with a shock, as the relatively unknown Will Brooks dismantled Satoru Kitaoka with savage ground and pound, thudding combo’s and even a wicked suplex. Kitaoka relentlessly tried to play his sub game, almost catching several leg locks but Brooks gave the Catch Koala no breathing room and wore him down with strikes at every turn until the ref had to step in. A massive win for the young Brooks.

Mach went to war for 3 rounds with an obviously drained Phil Baroni. Baroni had a bad weightcut and it took it’s toll, seeing Baroni barely able to lift his arms by R3 but none the less, he gave his all, taking Sakurai down numerous times and got into some outright sluggouts. Sakurai masterfully controlled Baroni from his guard and couldn’t miss with his straight punches. The fight was pretty close and if Baroni had a better cut, the outcome could be different but as it is, all judges gave it to the every time champion.

Melvin Manhoef delivered yet another sickening display of violence. Dropping former Pride & UFC fighter, Denis Kang face first with with a single knee to the body. Kang came out fast and looked like he would hold his own until the two fell into a clinch and Melvin sacrificed Kang to whatever deity that decided to give a human such preposterous KO power.

Bibiano Fernandes made short work of Yoshiro Maeda with his BJJ wizardry, quickly taking Maeda down and looked to choke him silly. Maeda was determined to do better than Takafumi Otsuka and defended Bibi’s RNC attempts wonderfully until Fernandes locked up a Triangle during a scramble and broke out his book of bedtime stories.

Shinya Aoki made an opponent quit, not by breaking his back and making him humble but by punching him…once! It all started normal enough, Aoki trying to work his ground voodoo, with McKee defending really well through R1. Some time during the corner break though, the bone snapping, little Aoki we all know and love, was replaced by a being Melvin Manhoef checks for under his bed. K1 Uberoki. This Uberoki proceeded to launch a single connecting hook to the face of McKee and in a move that even Bob Sapp would call weak, McKee asked the ref to kindly stop the fight.

The co-main event was a fight many said would be the most competitive of the night, it wasn’t. But champion did face champion for 3 excellent round of action but it was Georgi Karakhanyan who got to play Ultimate Warrior and Hiroyuki Takaya had to settle for Hulk Hogan. Takaya had some great moments on the feet with his counter striking but Georgi used speed and reach to light the Streetfight Bancho up and decimated him in the clinch with savage knees to the body. The 3ed round saw Karakhanyan dominate on the ground but he was unable to do much damage due to Takaya’s great defense but it was the nail in the coffin as two judges correctly gave Karakhanyan the nod and the third was probably Cecil Peoples.

In the final MMA fight of the evening, Michihiro Omigawa made his highly anticipated return to Dream. His only problem was that it seems like Tatsuya Kawajiri at FW can not be harmed by 145 pound human mortals. Kawajiri once again gave a flawless performance, dominating from bell to bell with top control and barely be hit by his opponent, only this time he had a sweet Samurai haircut! Michi tried with all his might to stuff takedowns and work off his back, but the man who proved incredibly difficult to takedown and hold down for some of the UFC’s best, was helpless against The Crusher’s phenomenal strength and grappling prowess. Omigawa did have one bright spot at the start of the first round when he almost got Kawajiri in a kneebar but Crusher returned the favor by almost locking in a side choke at the end of round two befor cruising to a unanimous decision.

Full results after the jump.

DREAM.18 & GLORY 4~大晦日SPECIAL 2012~

December 31, 2012
Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo, Japan

Lightweight bout – 3Rx5min:

Will Brooks defeated Satoru Kitaoka via TKO (Punches) – R2, 3:46

Women’s bout – 3Rx5min:

Marloes Coenen defeated Fiona Muxlow via Submission (Armbar) – R1, 3:29

Welterweight bout – 3Rx5min:

Hayato “Mach” Sakurai defeated Phil Baroni via Unanimous Decision

Middleweight bout – 3Rx5min:

Melvin Manhoef defeated Denis Kang via KO (Knee to the body) – R1, 0:50

Bantamweight bout – 3Rx5min:

Bibiano Fernandes defeated Yoshiro Maeda via Submission (Triangle Choke) – R1, 1:46

Lightweight bout – 3Rx5min:

Shinya Aoki defeated Antonio McKee via Submission (Punch) – R2, 0:24

Featherweight bout – 3Rx5min:

Georgi Karakhanyan defeated Hiroyuki Takaya via Split Decision

Featherweight bout – 3Rx5min:

Tatsuya Kawajiri defeated Michihiro Omigawa via Unanimous Decision

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