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Mousasi and Souza’s careers: 2008 and now
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Friday, 11 January 2013 08:48

When Jacare and Mousasi met in 2008 in the DREAM middleweight grand prix, two of the most promising prospects in mixed martial arts faced off in a bout that saw one of the most exciting grapplers and one of the best strikers in MMA go at it.

The bouts ending saw Jacare face down on the white ring floor, a recipient of a nasty upkick that ended his title hopes and see Gegard crowned the inaugural DREAM middleweight champion.

Mousasi would go on to capture titles in Strikeforce, another one in DREAM, and compete successfully in K-1.

Jacare went on to compete with Strikeforce’s light heavyweight division and become a champion, only to lose it in a five round fight that had a very controversial ending.

Now, this Saturday, Strikeforce will hold their final card in Oklahoma City and both Mousasi and Jacare find themselves on the card, only this time wins for both of them mean a step up to the next level, a UFC contract.

One would be foolish to think the promotion would let either of these guys become free agents as both are two of the most talented fighters in their respective weight classes.  Without much mention, however, it’s interesting to compare the road traveled for each fighter.  Both terrorized their respective divisions, being crowned champions.

Little did we know, that DREAM middleweight grand prix final would feature two fighters that would both become two of the most dominant Strikeforce has ever seen and two of the most exciting prospects to enter the UFC.  The future is bright for both fighters and with the stars lining up right, it would not be a surprise to see them meet again somewhere in the future.

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