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Strikeforce Marquardt vs Saffedine Play By Play
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Roger Gracie vs Anthony Smith

Roger Gracie is staring Anthony Smith down as Jimmy Lennon announces the fighters. John McCarthy is your referee for the opening fight of the preliminary card. The two fighters stand in the middle of the ring. Smith lands a leg kick that is more like an ankle kick. Smith is the first to land with his fists. Gracie is walking down his opponent and takes a left to the side of the head. The two exchange jabs, smith is staying very far back but gets too close and Gracie pulls him in. Smith gives everything he has and gets away, not wanting to be anywhere close to the jiu jitsu specialist. Gracie appears to be waiting for the right time to shoot in and Smith is stay way back. An eyepoke hits smith and we have a time out. A quick pause and we are back in action, Gracie throws a kick, only to see Smith land a leg kick that takes Gracie’s footing from beneath him. More leg kicks from Smith. Gracie has been very quiet on the feet, obviously just waiting for the right time to shoot in. Two jabs from each and the round comes to an end.

10-9 Anthony Smith

Round two is underway. Smith comes out and landing a right high kick followed by a two jab combo times two. Smith is jabbing away at the body and upper thigh. Gracie lands a shot to Smith’s right eye and it appears Smith is having trouble seeing. Smith throws a looping left that Gracie ducks under. Gracie gets smith in a clinch but it’s smith that has Gracie against the cage. Gracie lands a knee and shoots in on Smith, taking him to the ground at ease. Gracie is now in his comfort zone. Smith has avery high guard on Gracie, holding him in. Gracie stands up and passes to side control. Gracie is toying with him on the ground, smothering him with his size and strength. Gracie mounts with ease. Gracie locks in an arm triangle with ease after landing a huge elbow and thats the end of the fight. Gracie by submission. Smith is still on his back and is complaining of an eye injury it seems.

Roger Gracie by submission 3:16 Round 2

Pat Healy vs Pat Holobaugh

The fight starts with the two exchanging punches. Healy is trying to get it to the ground and eventually does. Healy is milling about on the top staying out of his guard but finds himself in a beautifully executed toe hold. After a brief scare, Healy escapes and regains top control, controlling Holobaugh. Textbook ground and pound isn’t enough to keep Holobaugh on the ground and he bounces up controlling the head. Healy again drops down for a takedown against the cage, having a bit more trouble this time. Healy is looking to get back control but Holobaugh won’t have it. Holobaugh is looking very crafty off his back, granted he is taking some pretty big shots while doing so. Healy appears to have a choke locked in with just 10 seconds left. Not enough time – the round ends.

Pat Healy 10-9

The round begins with the two exchanging jabs. Healy shoots in and drops Holobaugh to the ground. More from round one only this time Healy mounts his opponent. Holobaugh rolls and Healy takes back control. Healy could be a bit too high, but readjusts and is trying to slide the choke in. Holobaugh is shaking his opponent off and finally does. Both fighters are going for a leg in what is turning into a serious bout of grappling here in the second round. Healy is again going for the back but Holobaugh falls backward and lands with his back in Healy’s stomach. Healy slides into back control and begins landing some softening blows. Holobaugh rolls and Healy is in his guard. His corner is telling him to stand in his guard but Healy is staying put. Healy has Holobaugh’s head in an inverted triangle as well as taking control of his right arm while landing pitter patter head shots. The fighters are locked in a very odd position that is prohibiting either from doing much damage.The round ends with Healy on top, but very little action from either fighter as the round ended.

Pat Healy 10-9

The fighters begin the final frame exchanging shots. Holobaugh lands a crisp uppercut and throws a right hook that misses. A knee from Holobaugh is close but has no effect. Holobaugh appears to have Healy slightly stunned. Healy gives up control briefly, but Holobaugh goes for back control and loses control, ending with Healy in his guard. Holobaugh is looking to sweep via omoplatabut Healy is pulling him up with one arm. Holobaugh is putting pressure on that shoulder but Healy eventually defends and regains control of his opponent. Healy lands a big shot from the top and squirms his way into side control, doing his best to lock in the arm triangle. Holobaugh nearly taps but goes against it. Holobaugh expended a ton of strength there, but escapes the arm triangle. Healy is doing all he can to smother him and is doing a fine job of it. Twenty seconds left and Healy is in clear control of the fight. Healy ends the fight with the most flush strikes of the entire fight and should seal up a unanimous decision here.

Pat Healy 10-9

29-28 and 30-27 30-27 for your winner Pat Healy

Tim Kennedy vs Trevor Smith

The fighters touch gloves and here we go. Smith is the first to land, a leg kick which Kennedy returns. Smith takes Kennedy down and keeps him there. Kennedy is looking to use the cage fence to gain his footing and eventually does. Smith his smothering him against the cage. Smith drops for a takedown and switches to a single only to see Kennedy spin out. Smith again shoots for a takedown and Kennedy finds his rear end on the mat and against the cage fence. Kennedy explodes to his feet and this time takes Smith down, only briefly. Kennedy has a single and Smith spins out. The fighters break. Kennedy lands a slapping body shot. Kennedy is subsequently kneed in the groin and the fight is temporarily halted to allow Kennedy to gain composure. Both fighters are against the cage, scrambling but neither gain any sort of control. Kennedy lands a huge kick to the face of Smith that stuns him. Kennedy gets back control but Smith escapes to his feet. Ten seconds remaining and Kennedy does some of the most effective damage of the round. This one is tough to call but we give it to Kennedy

10-9 Tim Kennedy

Another touch of the gloves and we are underway. Smith opens the round with a big left hook followed by a right straight that land on their target. Smith shoots for a single leg but is only able to keep Kennedy down briefly. Kennedy gets his opponent in the clinch and lands a knee. Knees to the side of the leg and Kennedy slams Smith to the mat. Kennedy is in half guard and the fight slows. Kennedy is looking to advance. Maintaining control Smith briefly leaves his neck out there for the picking but not enough to matter. A wicked knee to the kidney opens Smith up for body shots. The action slows. Smith is advancing and looking to reverse the position but Kennedy is doing a good job of controlling his opponent. The referee stands the pair up after a lull in the action. Smith shoots for a takedown and eats a right hand. A big elbow lands to Smith’s body. Kennedy again takes Smith to the ground and the horn sounds.

10-9 Tim Kennedy

The crowd clears from the ring and round three is underway. Both fighters take the center of the cage with Smith trowing a right left. Kennedy ducks a left hand. Smith charges forward and ends up in Kennedy’s clinch, eating a knee and an elbow at the same time. Against the cage and Smith makes one quick error and is caught in a very tight choke. Kennedy spins and tightens it up. Smith taps immediately.

Tim Kennedy by submission Round 3

Ryan Couture vs KJ Noons

Couture and Noons take the center of the cage. Noons is stalking Couture down. The lanky Couture is keeping his distance. Noons lands a quick body shot. Couture fakes a shot but doesn’t commit. Couture lands a big knee to the head but takes a few to the face, an equal exchange. Noons stumbles Couture with a big uppercut. A sharp leg kick from Couture gets him to the head but nothing big. Couture lands a nice left to the jaw of Noons. So far the two are keeping it very even. Couture is waiting for the counter, waiting for Couture to make a mistake. Couture is throwing kicks down the middle, following them with left hands and shooting in, a recipe he has been following throughout the fight. The pair are in the center of the ring. A wild headkick leads to a flurry by both fighters.Noon’s corner is waiting for Couture to take their fighter down but instead Couture lands a huge right hand flush on the face of Noons. Couture lands a spinning back kick followed by a punch and is than swarmed on.

Ryan Couture 10-9 Round 1

Round two begins and the fighters hurriedly move to the middle of the cage. Noons lands a big right hand but little damage is done. Noons is turning up the power on the punches. Couture shoots in only to find Noons ducking back and catching a knee to the abdomen on the way out. Noons’s face is reddening up but both fighters are still looking fresh. A big headbut smashes noons and has him flustered. Noons turns it on hard and begins throwing. Couture is wobbled badly. The two exchange big knees and Couture is bloodied. Couture is looking very tired as is Noons who blew a lot on that last flurry. Snapping left jab lands by Couture. Noons is bloodied up. Couture is throwing all kinds of kicks and the two finish in the middle of the cage. A very fun and impressive round by both fighters who are leaving everything they have in the cage.

KJ Noons 10-9 Round 2 but could easily go either way in a very close fight.

Here we go with the third round. The crowd is into this fight, namely for Ryan Couture. Both are again feeling each other out with Noons landing a nice right hook. Noons lands an impressive combo with Couture landing one big shot to the face. Couture shoots for a takedown and lands a knee on the way out. Noons goes for a combo but misses and eats another kick. Back to the middle of the cage and Noons lands a big right. An unphased couture steps right back in the pocket. Couture is the more aggressive of the two fighters but Noons is landing the bigger shots in this fight. Another exchange of shots and back to the middle. Uppercut from Noons lands. Couture shoots in and Noons escapes but is kneed on the way out. A right hook/left hook does little. These two are exchanging in this fight pretty much blow for blow. Noons looks up at the clock and the two are winging it at each other. Both fighters hands go up in the air. This will be a close one to score but we see it for Ryan Couture 10-9 in round three and 29-28 overall.

Ryan Couture is your winner by split decision

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