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Strikeforce – Marquardt vs Saffiedine PBP Main Card
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Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs Ed Herman

Let the final main card in the exciting history of Strikeforce begin.

Mark Carter is your referee for the evening.

The fighters take the center and feel each other out. Jacare takes three leg kicks before throwing a shot of his own. Jacare has Herman against the cage clinched up. Herman is busy but neither fighter lands much of anything. Jacare lands a glancing blow to the back of Herman’s head. The two separate. Jacare lands a perfect double leg. The two scramble on the ground and the referee calls a break. It appears there was an illegal shot while on the ground. The two are stood up. Jacare lands a big right hand that has Herman rethink his position. Herman returns with a two shot combo of his own. Jacare lands a winging right followed by a knee to the body. The two fighters are agains the cage slugging it out before Jacare lands a huge double leg and dumps Herman to the mat. Jacare locks on a wicked kimura and Herman has no answer for it and taps. Jacare is crawling thru the cage like an alligator now, hence the nick name.

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza wins via submission in Round 1

Gegard Mousasi vs Mike Kyle

The fighters take the center. Mousasi lands a wicked leg kick and is stalking his opponent down. Kyle is throwing leather but nothing is landing. Kyle is throwing the harder of the punches. A big knee from Kyle has Mousasi shooting for a double, something we are not very accustomed to seeing. Mousasi seems to be in a different stance than his prior fights, going away from his “Fedor” type stance and keeping a tight chin. Mousasi lands a nice takedown and lands in Kyle’s guard. Mousasi lands some short elbows. Kyle holds Mousasi’s head down to minimize any punishment. An elbow cracks the side of Kyle’s head, followed by a left hand. Mousasi advances into half guard with Kyle looking to sweep off the cage. The tempo slows a bit. Kyle is now mounted by Mousasi who is raining down huge shots on him. Kyle turns over and Mousasi slaps on a rear naked choke. THats a wrap, Mousasi wins by rear naked choke in the first round.

Mousasi by Submission Round 1

Josh Barnett vs Nandor Guelmino

Barnett rushes the action and immediately takes Namdor to the ground, not wasting a moment. Barnett’s corner calling for elbows but there is little action. Barnett stands and drops for a leg but nothing going. Barnett backs off and immediately shoots in again and takes back control. Josh takes Guelmino down and lands in mount, slaps on an arm triangle, and finishes the bout without breaking a sweat.

Josh Barnett wins by submission (arm triangle) Round 1

Dion Staring vs Daniel Cormier

The co-main event is on. The 20-1 favorite, Daniel Cormier comes out patient then blasts Staring with a head kick that grabs his attention. Staring clinches up with Cormier which is not something one would recommend. Cormier takes it back to his OSU college days and executes a beautiful throw on Staring. Cormier is in Staring’s half guard, deciding what to do next. Staring gets back to his feet with cormier controlling his hips. Staring breaks but is keeping his hands down. Cormier blasts staring with some monster shots and Staring is now on his back again. Cormier is locking in an Americana but lets go. Short elbows to Staring’s grill. We see the 20-1 in this now. A big kick to Staring’s back and Big John calls time to get a mouthpiece put back in. We resume with Cormier clinching up with his opponent against the cage. Staring is doing anything to tie him up and it ends with Cormier in a mounted position, raining down elbows and punches. Ten seconds remain and Staring makes it out of round one….some how.

Daniel Cormier Round 1 10-9

Touch of the gloves and a right hand from Staring followed by a kick and a knee. Cormier pinned against the fence for a brief moment before switching position against the fence. Cormier looking to sweep the legs out from beneath Staring but Staring regains his balance. Cormier breaks. Cormier lands a glancing right hand and clinches up with Staring before dragging him to the mat again and stacking him up. Cormier is now in side control with Staring’s head pinned against the cage. Cormier likely allows Staring to move to his knees and abruptly takes his back. Cormier landing little peppering shots. Staring rolls to his back and Cormier lands some of the biggest shots of the fight. Cormier has Staring mounted yet again and is treating him like his little brother. Staring is just covering up and exhibiting no sign of any offense whatsoever. His corner tells him to punish him and Cormier does so. Staring rolls over and Big John is about to stop it. That’s all folks, Daniel Cormier wins by TKO in Round 2.

Daniel Cormier by TKO (referee stoppage by strikes) Round 2

Nate Marquardt vs Tarec Saffiedine

And here we go, the end of an era. John McCarthy gives the fighters their final instructions and kicks off the final fight of the Strikeforce promotion.

Nate Marquardt is moving in on Saffiedine, forcing him to move about the cage. A slapping leg kick from Saffiedine is slightly checked. The two exchange leg kicks. A body kick is blocked by Saffiedine and leg kicks are exchanged by the two. In what has been a feeling out process, both fighters have kept their distance. Saffiedine lands a big strike that throws Nate to his knees, briefly stunning him. Nate’s corner is telling him not to chase his opponent down. With a minute and a half left Nate rushes in and lands a right hand, only to be clinched up on against the cage. The two fighters are battling for position. Marquardt briefly looks for a standing arm triangle but it disappears. The two exchange knees to the body. After clinching and struggling for position, doing little damage to one another, the horn sounds and the fighters return to the corners.

Tarec Saffiedine 10-9 Round 1

Round two starts to a measuring process by both fighters. After a minute or so, Tarec lands a huge knee/kick followed by a big elbow. Rushing in, Tarec is unable to do much with it. Tarec is reversed and taken down but scrambles after hardly anytime on the Mat. The two are working the clinch against the fence with Saffiedine, again controlling his opponent. Not much action in round two and a tough round to score because of that. It could go either way, but we give it to Tarec.

Tarec Saffiedine 10-9 Round 2

Round three begins with both fighters struggling for position and doing little in the striking department. Both are struggling in a bad way to gain control, holding pressure on one another against the fence. It’s a war of attrition that neither is winning. For every shot Nate lands, Tarec lands one on the exit. Marquardt looks to be turning up the pressure ever so slightly in order to impress the judges. Saffiedine is chopping away at Nate with slapping leg kicks, making Nate think twice about coming in. A left hand right leg kick hits the mark. Twenty seconds to go and again a very even round. Nate shoots in for a takedown and Saffiedine sprawls, landing two knees to Nate’s cranium.

Round 3 10-10

In what has been the highlight of the main event, Dan Henderson appears on the overhead screen, bringing the crowd to their feet. The round begins much like the other three with both fighters looking to gain a dominant position. Saffedine is landing some monster leg kicks and Nate’s leg is badly bruised up. Nate is stepping up the pressure, stalking down his opponent and giving it his all. The leg kicks are really adding up and Tarec is looking for ample separation in order to smash his opponent with them. Marquardt is unable to check them as his leg is likely feeling like Jello at this point. Another monster leg kick and Nate tries for a single leg. Nothing going as his movement is just not there. Two minutes left in the round, one that Saffiedine is dominating. Nate is blasted yet again with leg kicks and is now having trouble moving. Nate is drilled with a right hand and is cut open. The two clinch up against the cage and the damage is done. Saffiedine is in great position.

Tarec Saffiedine 10-9 Round 4

Saffiedine is pumped up walking out to round 5. Leg kick after leg kick. A brutal, punishing fight for Marquardt. Nate’s leg is bending inward upon Tarec landing two more leg kicks. The blood is flowing between his eyes and he is obviously in pain. His thigh is bruised beyond belief, resembling the American flag. Tarec lands a big upper cut and the two break. And another two leg kicks. A right hand sends Nate against the cage. Another leg kick from Tarec. A right hand from Tarec sends Nate’s head back and a leg kick sends his leg inward. The fighters clinch against the cage, both gasping for air. Nate’s corner is begging nate to trip his opponent to the ground but he simply has no mobility. Nate’s shots are beginning to look half hearted, although his heart is definitely in the fight, his body is telling him otherwise. With just a minute left in Strikeforce promotion, Tarec lands a monster takedown possibly sealing the fight and paving his way to the UFC as Strikeforce’s last welterweight champion.

The fight is over. Strikeforce is, too.

Tarec Saffiedine 10-9 Round 5

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