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Eddie Alvarez heads to court January 25
Last Updated on Saturday, 19 January 2013 11:18
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Saturday, 19 January 2013 11:18

Eddie Alvarez will seek an injunction that would effectively allow him to fight with the UFC while things are being hashed out on the legal end, this according to a report by Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports.

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If the court does indeed rule in Alvarez’s favor, it could see him making an octagon debut at UFC 159 in New Jersey, fittingly close to his home state of Pennsylvania.

A judge granted Alvarez’s proposal to hear arguments that could either see his career move forward or put it on nice, similar to what Randy Couture experienced in 2007-2009.  According to

The judge overseeing the case can opt to grant the injunction and allow Alvarez to fight for the UFC and order a trial, he could rule in favor of Bellator, or he could deny the injunction altogether and put the case on trial.

The UFC made Alvarez a huge offer, one including pay-per-view share as well as a lucrative sign on bonus as well as the opportunity to appear on the platform of television networks the UFC now uses to distribute their product such as Fox FX and FuelTV.  His former employee, who had matching rights, effectively erased the words “UFC” and “Zuffa” from that contract and replaced them with their own legal name and counter offered.

One major problem lies with the pay-per-view issue.  As of yet, Bellator has not done a PPV show which makes that part of the contract far less valuable whereas Zuffa’s primary method of content delivery is in the form of PPV.

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