Sunday Nov 23
Vitor Belfort ices Michael Bisping
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Sunday, 20 January 2013 12:21

Every professional fighter that was asked, “Who will win between Bisping and Belfort?” responded, “If it goes past the second or third round it’s Bispings fight to lose.”  In other words, Belfort is so dangerous those opening frames that it was his to give away.  There was no gift giving this evening however, as Vitor Belfort smashed Michael Bisping with a kick similar to that of the one he stunned his opponent with in the first round.

The first round was much of a feeling out process for each fighter, save the high kick thrown by Vitor Belfort that dazed the Brit and allowed for Belfort to likely take the round.  Bisping’s game plan was ever apparent as he began softening up the legs of the Brazilian and jabbing away, most likely hoping to take him into deep water and wear him down in Bisping fashion.  It did not work, however, and Vitor Belfort threw the 185lb division back into the world of unknowns as Anderson Silva sits atop, waiting.

A suave Silva was shown in the crowd prior to the fight, possibly in place for a stare down to build what was going to be a title tilt between Bisping and Silva.


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