Friday Nov 28
3 new matches added to U-SPIRITS again, including Katsunori Kikuno
Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 January 2013 08:51
Written by IQWrestler
Tuesday, 29 January 2013 08:51

Some really interesting matches have been added to the U-SPIRITS again card. Perhaps the most interesting is a bout between Takafumi Ito and Katsunori Kikuno. The match has been titled “U-ism Tradition” so it isn’t clear if the match will be under MMA rules or a UWF Shoot Style wrestling match, which would be very interesting indeed considering Kikuno has no wrestling experience.

A match titled “Legends vs New Generation” will see the legendarily tough S.O.B. Yoshihiro Takayama take on one half of the new AJPW Tag Team champs Baka Hentai, Hikaru Sato. Takayama came up through the UWFi system with guys like Sakuraba, Tamura and Kanehara. Sato has adopted the same Shoot Style in his wrestling career since moving over from MMA.

And the last announced match is “Newborn UWF synchronization showdown” between RINGS veteran and RJPW stalwart Mitsuya Nagai and one of Pancrase’s original founding fathers Takaku Fuke.

Minoru Suzuki has also been announced for the event.

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