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Kikuno U-SPIRITS again bout will be UWF rules
Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 January 2013 05:12
Written by IQWrestler
Wednesday, 30 January 2013 05:12

Image via Sportsnavi

Last night we brought you the news of 3 new matches added to Hiromitsu Kanehara’s retirement show. One of the matches announced was Katsunori Kikuno facing Takafumi Ito in a bout dubbed “U-ism Tradition”. The title was ambiguous to say the least, giving no indication if it would be an MMA match or UWF rules match.

Well, thanks to sportsnavi it’s clear it will be held under UWF Shoot Style rules. Kikuno has never had a Pro Wrestling match under any style, while Ito has been working Wrestling and MMA for almost his entire career.

For those uninitiated, UWF was a Pro Wrestling origination that began in Japan during the 80′s. UWF did away with all the flash and gimmicks of other promotions and brought it back to it’s original roots based on Catch Wrestling and hard realistic striking. Their rules were also very unique, doing away with pinfalls and implementing a point system.

Matches could be won by Submission, KO, or forcing the opponent to run out of points, each time a wrestler is knocked down or forced to grab a rope to escape a sub, a point is lost and if you run out, you lose. It’s all explained in this awesome vid below from UWFi’s old English program Bushido.

Much like the Gracie Family and BJJ are considered the fathers of modern MMA in the west, UWF and it’s wrestlers are considered the roots of MMA in Japan and as such are held in very high regard even to this day.

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