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Minowaman gets ROAD FC Title Fight
Last Updated on Thursday, 7 February 2013 09:32
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JMMA faithful rejoice for this is a most glorious day! Word has come down directly from ROAD FC that the demigod Ikuhisa Minowa will face current RFC Middleweight Champion Lee Eun-Soo for the title on April 11th.

Here’s the press release.

The ROAD Fighting Championship Middleweight Champion Lee Eun-Soo returns to the cage at ROAD FC 11 on April 13, 2013 at Seoul’s Olympic Hall in his first title defense against none other than Ikuhisa “Minowaman”.
For Immediate Release – The Middleweight division at ROAD FC has been stacked with some of the most exciting fighters in all of MMA: Champion Lee Eun-soo, former Champion Shungo Oyama, Melvin Manhoef, Denis Kang, Whi Seung-Bae, Ikuhisa Minowa, and Kim Jae-Young. The Middleweight Championship belt is a highly coveted prize among them. After he beat Kim Jae-Young in a three-round war, Melvin Manhoef said he wanted a shot at the title. Inaugural Champion Shungo Oyama also wants to claim back the beautiful bronze strap. It is very clear that every fight for the Middleweight title is going to be a hotly contested battle. Lee Eun-Soo versus Ikuhisa Minowa is going to be an incredible match!
Lee Eun-Soo (16-4) was undefeated in Spirit MC at the the beginning of his MMA career. He is a veteran of PRIDE, K-1 HERO’s, DEEP and M-1 before joining ROAD FC. He battled Denis Kang to a three-round decision, then took on Kim Jae-Young and Son Hae-Suk. His underdog shot at Shungo Oyama’s first title defense saw him take the belt away in stunning fashion with one of the most brutal knock outs in ROAD FC history. Lee’s unorthodox style will give the challenger to his title a difficult battle to overcome.
Minowaman (55-34-8), world-famous from his time in PRIDE, made his debut with ROAD FC against Yuk Jin-Soo at ROAD FC 9 in Wonju. In an exciting climax, he submitted Yuk in the very last second of the first round, and celebrated to tumultuous applause. He is known as “The Giant Killer” for taking on all opponents regardless of size and beating them, like Giant Silva and Choi Hong-Man. Minowaman is one of the best middleweights in the world, and as a ROAD FC fighter, he deserves the next shot at the Middleweight title. His experience and skill are going to be a huge challenge for the Champion.
ROAD FC 011, April 13, 2013, Olympic Hall, Seoul, South Korea
Previously announced on the card, one of South Korea’s strongest lightweights ever, Nam Yiu-Chul, will face one of Japan’s best submission masters, Kume Takasuke, in a highly-anticipated match that will see the winner crowned ROAD FC’s first ever Lightweight Champion. ROAD FC’s newest venue, Olympic Hall, will be the perfect place to exhibit unrivaled light and sound production, the backdrop for a night of incredibly exciting Mixed Martial Arts fights.
ROAD FC in 2013

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