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Dana White comments on the success of a record breaking UFC Macao
Last Updated on Sunday, 17 February 2013 04:13
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Sunday, 17 February 2013 04:13

UFC Macao was the biggest event in the history of Macao, according to UFC President Dana White. Image via

Following UFC on FuelTV 7 Saturday, in London, England, the UFC’s Dana White held his traditional “media scrum”.  When approached with a question regarding the UFC’s very first trip to China, more specific, Macao, the chief was very pleased.

When fronted with the question on the show in Macao, White responded, “We put on the biggest event in the history of Macao, so, we got a bigger deal [in Macao].”  No comparisons were given and no frame of reference was given as to the scale of the size of the events held in Macao.

This was just one of the many places the company plans to hit very hard in the coming years.  France and Italy are also on the list of potential venues for the promotion.  Russia will also play host to an event, supposedly in 2013.  This was revealed at a presser earlier this year by White, although no timetable was put in place.

The international expansion of the sport appears to be taking hold.  Smaller promotions are popping up all over the world and are having much of the same success the UFC is seeing when they visit a new region.

The promotion visits Sweden and Japan in the coming months, two venues they have had much success within the past twelve months.

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