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Evolve MMA fighters Shinya Aoki and Eddie Ng grace the covers of magazines this month
Last Updated on Thursday, 22 August 2013 03:51
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Thursday, 22 August 2013 03:51

954882_556433761059867_1828738243_nHong Kong’s Eddie Ng has made the pages of the magazine FHM Upgrade, next to some of the most known names in Singapore.  The issue, which hit stands days ago, features men who have some of the most unique jobs in all of Singapore.  Ng, being a mixed martial artist, falls strongly into that category.

Ng goes into detail of what led him to the world of martial arts.  Living in the United Kingdom as an Asian, bullying was a problem that Ng was faced with.  Many other topics are discussed, topics that deal with the godfather of modern martial arts, Bruce Lee, and his career and life as a fighter in Asia’s MMA capital, Singapore.

Meanwhile, Kakutougi GONG, the go to for everything Japanese combat sports, featured Japan’s biggest name fighter – Shinya Aoki – on their cover page this month.  Aoki, who is dropping to featherweight, is looking to lock up two divisions in OneFC.  Aoki is the most talented submission fighter on the planet and has since worked very hard on his muay thai to add a different element to his game.


Both magazines can be purchased in their respective countries now. has Kakutougi GONG available for purchase and will ship to the United States.  If you are in need of a copy of FHM Upgrade, we have a few that we plan to give away in the near future!