Saturday Nov 22
Kyoji Horiguchi UFC Bound – Faces Dustin Pague At UFC 166
Last Updated on Friday, 13 September 2013 05:07
Written by BabaluJack
Friday, 13 September 2013 05:07


According to Shu Hirata, Shooto 132-pound champion Kyoji Horiguchi is making his way to the UFC. The 22 year old will be making his debut with the promotion at UFC 166:Velasquez vs. Dos Santos 3 on October 19th facing Ultimate Fighter 14 competitor Dustin Pague.

Horiguchi, who fights out of KID Yamamoto’s KRAZY BEE Gym, is one of the biggest prospects to come out of Japan in the last few years. His career is only three years young yet he has already captured championship gold and has an impressive 11-1 record, defeating the likes of Shintaro Ishiwatari, Ian Loveland and Manabu Inoue.

Pague is known for his stint on The Ultimate Fighter 14 in 2011. He has since gone 1-4 with the UFC and desperately needs a win to remain with the promotion.