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Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 September 2012 02:50
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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 02:50 is the largest Asian MMA news site in the world.  Based in the United States, we cover organizations such as OneFC, Shooto, DEEP, ZST, Puroresu, URCC, UFC, and many more. was born out of, which at the time was the world’s largest JMMA website.  With the sudden rise of Asian MMA and the quick decline of JMMA, the transition was made to cover the sport with a  more Asian flavor. will bring you no non-sense news.  If it is true, we will write it.  We do not post rumors unless they are extremely concrete and are from reputable sources.  We have never written a story that has proven to be untrue.

We have two full time writers and a slew of contributors.

Mike Hackler – Founder/Owner – Mike began in September of 2010.  Starting the site as a site that covered all promotions in Japan, which was a niche aspect of the sport, MMA-Japan quickly grew into a full fledged news source.  Mike is the maniac behind the madness.  With a degree in finance, nothing he learned in college translates to what you see here on  An avid lover of MMA, video games, politics, and economics, Mike splits his time between running the family business and running

Jacob Millis – Lead writer – Jacob has been with us since our beginning days in one way, shape, or form.  The founder of the IQHL videos, Jacob spends his days soaking in all that is combat sports.  An avid lover of all things Laughter7 and the most knowledgeable Kazushi Sakuraba fan in existence, Jacob also is an avid lover or puroresu.  Jacob writes the “Puroresu Roundup”, which is the only English language Japanese professional wrestling recap available on the internet today.  Jacob resides in Australia, and runs the Eastern Hemisphere division of

BabaluJack – VIdeo Guru – A recent addition to, BabaluJack produces the best highlight videos in all of MMA.  An avid lover of Asian MMA, the videos he creates are embedded with his passion of the sport.  Based in Europe, he is responsible for all of our highlight videos.  He is also a part-time contributor to the site, sharing his knowledge of JMMA and Asian MMA with our readers.  We are proud to have him onboard and he will make a wonderful addition to

To submit news or to contribute to, please contact Mike at:

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