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ADCC 2013 Full Results

Sunday, 20 October 2013 02:56

ADCC 2013 Full Results

Final Day of ADCC 2013 Results

Lister wins his first match by toe-hold

Buchecha wins by points

Keenan Cornelius wins by heel hook

Joao Gabriel beats David Avelan by points

Cyborg advances

Oscar Piechota beats Vinny Magalhaes 3×0

Jared Dropp beats Leo Nogueira

Lister beats Joao Gabriel by toe hold and is in the semis

Buchecha wins by points and is in the semis

Keenan Cornelius wins over Pechota 3 x0 and is in hte semis

Cyborg wins by points 11 x 0 and is in the semis

Semi Finals

Buchecha v Lister: Buchecha by points 5×0

Cyborg v Cornelius: Cyborg by points 6×0

Third Place: Keenan Cornelius beats Dean Lister 3 x 0


Buchecha v Cyborg: Cyborg wins 10 x 0 and is the new Absolute champion. He will face Andre Galvao in 2015 Superfight
Master Superfight

Mario Sperry v Fabio Gurgel: Sperry wins by Judges Dec 2 OT


Under 66KG

Rafael Mendes v Joao Miyao: Rafa by points 2-0

Rubens Cobrinha v Justin Rader: Cobrinha by points 2×0

Third place Justin Rader over Joao Miyao by pts -2

Finals Rafa v Cobrinha for the third straight ADCC: In typical fashion after 2 OT’s goes to Judges Decision- Cobrinha gets the decision and realizes his dream of an ADCC title
Under 77KG

Kron Gracie v JT Torres: Kron by arm-lock

Leo Vieira v Octavio de Souza: Octavio by pts 3×0

Finals Souza v Gracie: After 15 minutes standing Octavio goes for a double leg and Kron taps Octavio via Guillotine
Under 88KG

Pablo Popovich v Rafael Lovato Jr: Lovato by minus point

Keenan Cornelius v Romulo Barral: Barral by minus

Third Keenan Cornelius

Final: Lovato v Barral: Barral by points 3×0
Under 99KG

Dean Lister v Cristiano Lazzarini: Lister by Heel hook

Joao Assis v Leonardo Nogueira: Assis by heel hook

Third place Leo Nogueira over Lazarini by Judges Dec  2OT

Finals Lister v Assis: Assis by points 5 x -1
Over 99KG

Jared Dropp v Joao Gabriel Oliveira: Joao Gabriel by points

Marcus Buchecha v Roberto Cyborg: Marcus Buchecha by points

3rd place Cyborg over Dropp 3×0

Finals Buchecha v Gabriel: Buchecha by heel hook

Under 60KG

Michele Nicolini v Seiko Yamamoto: Nicolini

Luana Alzuguir v Ana Tavares: Alzuguir

Finals Alzuguir v Nicolini: Nicolini by Heel hook

Over 60KG

Gabi Garcia v Tammy Griego: Gabi Garcia

Maria Malyjasiak v Fernanda Mazelli: Malyjasiak by heel hook

Third place Tammy Griego over Mazelli by Judges Dec 2 after OTs

Finals Gabi v Maria- Gabi Garcia by choke

Satoshi Ishii defeats Jeff Monson in M-1 main event

Sunday, 20 October 2013 02:52

Satoshi Ishii defeats Jeff Monson in M-1 main event

Under the guise of a very busy fight weekend (OneFC and UFC), M-1 Global held what would otherwise be considered big, for M-1 standards, with Satoshi Ishii and Jeff Monson meeting in the main event.

Ishii proved to be far too much for the decorated grappler in Monson, showing how effective olympic caliber judo can be in mixed martial arts.  Using multiple throws, Ishii dominated the ground game, and the clinch game, and did enough on his feet to secure a majority decision over Monson.

Ishii now looks to his fight with Mirko Cro Cop, a fight that is slated to take place at Antonio Inoki’s annual Inoki Bom Ba Ya event.  Ishii, who has been streaking (six wins in a row) since losing to Fedor in 2011, is likely nearing a deal with a large promotion, possibly even the UFC, where he was set to make his debut at the onset of his career until he signed with World Victory Road.


Kyoji Horiguchi remains Japan’s hottest prospect, wins UFC debut

Sunday, 20 October 2013 11:07

Kyoji Horiguchi remains Japan’s hottest prospect, wins UFC debut

When Kyoji Horiguchi was coming up in the Shooto organization, we touted him as the next big thing to come out of Japan.  Readers were unaware who this kid was (yes he was a teenager at the time), yet he quickly made himself a staple amongst Japanophile’s around the world.

Horiguchi had what could be seen as a career defining fight (thus far) Saturday night at UFC 166 as he proved to the world that – yes – the hype is real.

Horiguchi was in trouble earlier with Dustin Pague, a submission fighter, who scrambled hastily to back control and sunk in the beginnings of a rear naked choke.  Horiguchi remained reticent, holding off the clasping hand while Pague had his right hand deep around Horiguchi’s neck.  Pague’s legs would eventually give after having them clamped strongly around the Japanese fighter’s mid section, which opened Pague up to strikes.  The round ended with Horiguchi in Pagues halfguard, and quite likely in Pague’s favor.

Round two saw a much relaxed Horiguchi begin to implement his karate game, flying in with slick combos, landing a huge right that floored Pague and spelled what was the beginning of the end.  Horiguchi was perfectly comfortable in Pague’s guard and opted to finish the fight in said position, raining down a violent barrage of punches that saw Pague’s head bouncing off the canvas and Horiguchi victorious.

With little hope for Japanese fighters succeeding in the UFC, Horiguchi could be the first talent in a long while that has a chance to compete in the upper ranks of the division.  Showing his ability to fend of submissions as well as his ability to take a punch, Horiguchi could be a serious threat to those in the middle of the division and eventually the top of the division, in due time.

Ryo Chonan retires as a champion, our salute to one of Japan’s greatest fighters

Sunday, 20 October 2013 10:58

Ryo Chonan retires as a champion, our salute to one of Japan’s greatest fighters

In traditional Japanese combat sports, a fighter will take one last bout against a much stronger, almost overwhelmingly tougher opponent, and fall gracefully on his sword in his last battle.  Ryo Chonan defied this tradition Sunday, and instead used said sword to conquer his final opponent, DEEP 170-lb champion Dan Hornbuckle.

In more bouts than can be remembered, fighters have faced talent far and above their skill set, and for a reason unbeknownst to us, they prefer to be beaten to a pulp in their final fight.  Ryo Chonan took a title fight for his final hurrah in the ring and made the most of it.

Chonan was able to grind out a unanimous decision victory, capturing the championship before retiring in front of a packed Korakuen Hall in Tokyo Japan.  The event, entitled DEEP Tribe Tokyo FIGHT, was co-promoted with Chonan’s Tribe Tokyo gym, which has become the most powerful mixed martial arts training facility in Japan since it opened.

Chonan has had one of the most decorated careers of any Japanese fighter.  In what was his most memorable fight, Chonan submitted P4P great Anderson Silva with an out of nowhere leg lock during his time in Pride.  When PrideFC fell, Chonan headed stateside to the UFC and was able to win a fight in the octagon, albeit losing three, before heading back to Japan.

Chonan will continue as a name in the sport, only now as a coach, one that has seen all there is to see in combat sports, one that will provide fighters with an encyclopedia of knowledge and experience.

We salute you, Chonan…


Sunday, 20 October 2013 02:43



Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

Tsuyoshi Takahashi defeated Satoshi Usui via KO – R1, 1:18

Takashi Sato defeated Shotaro Yabe via Decision (Unanimous)

Yujiro Sato defeated Hiroshi Takahashi via Submission (Guillotine) – R1, 4:00

Luke Mori vs. Sakashita Yusuke ended in No Contest due to cut on Mori from illegal elbow

Yoshiyuki Nakanishi defeated “RYO” Young Choi via Decision (Split)

Kenji Osawa defeated Seiji Akao via Decision (Split)

Akihiro Murayama drew with Yuya Shirai via Draw (Majority)

Takenori Sato defeated Islam Galajev via Submission (Double Wrist Lock) – R2

Yasuhiro Urushitani defeated Jae Mam Yoo via Decision (Unanimous)

Mamoru Yamaguchi drew with Yoshiro Maeda via Draw (Majority)

DEEP Welterweight Title~
Ryo Chonan defeated Dan Hornbuckle (c) via Decision (Unanimous)
~Chonan wins the title in his final fight

Aoki victory after dirty fight from Cody Stephens

Saturday, 19 October 2013 10:52

Aoki victory after dirty fight from Cody Stephens

Shinya Aoki emerged victorious from his first fight at featherweight Friday evening before a packed Singapore Indoor Stadium audience.

Aoki suffered a violent low-blow just minutes into the first round which set the stage for the fight.  Shifting from his typical aggressive nature, the blow kept the champion in pain for the entire fight.  However, Shinya continued on.

Just as he was able to continue, and somewhat proceed with the pain from the low blow, Aoki was struck in the back of the spine by Stephens, which penalized the American and again set Aoki back.  Aoki continued to dominate the clinch and ground game, proving that the loss of strength due to the drop to 145-lbs was not a factor.

As with all new endeavors, Aoki’s foray into the 145-lb mix will likely prove to be a successful one.  Aoki was extremely undersized at 155, with the likes of fighters such as Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler far outweighing him.  Fighting on sheer skill and ability, Aoki – like Frankie Edgar – was able to make an extremely successful career at lightweight and even crept up to welterweight a time or two.

The win will likely set the stage for a higher profile fight that could see Aoki either defend his lightweight title or possibly compete for the featherweight title..  A fight with newly crowned champion Bibiano Fernandes is likely still down the road at some point.

DEEP join the realm of iPPV with TRIBE TOKYO FIGHT

Thursday, 17 October 2013 04:03

DEEP join the realm of iPPV with TRIBE TOKYO FIGHT


JMMA fans have be clamoring for it and now they’ll finally get it, as DEEP will broadcast a major card world wide via UStream and what a card it is!

The main event will see Ryo Chonan challenge Dan Hornbuckle for the DEEP WW Title in Chonan’s retirement fight, as well as Yoshiro Maeda vs. Mamoru Yamaguchi, Yasuhiro Urushitani vs. Matheus Nicholau Pereira, Takenori Sato vs. Ismael de Jesus and Yuya Shirai vs. Akihiro Murayama, just to name a few!

You can order the stream right here for 1,500 Yen, that’s about $15 USD.

Singapore Oct. 18th!!

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